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SPT’s Airs à Faire Frire is like cinema for the blind in which each composition is a festive and unbridled short-movie.

« Great album » Claude Rajotte (Rajotte, May 5th 2012)

As an homage to Satie, I composed my own 3 movements suite and gave it the tongue in cheek title, Airs à Faire Frire. In the first movement a dream-like atmosphere is evoked by a sonic improvisation: all the musicians are required to produce undetermined pitches: no ”notes” are allowed! The other two movements retain the ”bats in the belfry” aesthetic; moreover, their titles even suggest it (Satie l’Insatiable ne Danse pas du Ventre [Satie the Insatiable Doesn’t Belly Dance] and Rencontre de Funambules [A Tightrope Walkers’ Meeting]). Apart from those influences my compositions are influenced by the poetic and musical unverses of Tom Waits, Ennio Morricone and Danny Elfman between others.

I like to think about this trio’s music as “cinema for the blind.”

Mathieu Deschenaux (bass), Sylvain Picard (guitar and compositions), Charles Duquette (percussions)

Comme une lngue chaude dans l'oreille

N.B. : Collectors item for some, Airs à faire frire cd is decorated with the reproduction of a Marc Séguin painting.

Oeuvre de Marc Séguin, Void 1, 2006

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