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Gloria is a “jazz mass”, a sacred music work, which essence is to celebrate humanity. Played by 4 seasoned jazzmen, Gloria proposes a contrasted fraternal experience.

Sylvain Picard – compositions & guitar
Yannick Rieu – tenor & soprano
Maxime St-Pierre – trumpet & flugelhorn
Adrian Vedady – double-bass

Gloria: The origins

Originally, Gloria was written as a jazz mass commissioned by Gesù Church (Montréal, Canada) which premiere was celebrated on July 6th 2013. The musical mass tradition goes back a long way. In ‘classical music’ Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky are among the plethora of composers that wrote magnificent masses. On the jazz side, Lalo Shifrin wrote a jazz mass and Duke Ellington wrote many sacred works. With respect to the quality of these works, the composition of a jazz mass represented a major challenge for me. Instead of feeling a pressure to do as good or better than those, I decided to focus on my own truth, and tried to translate it in music as honestly as possible, with confidence, in a loving and sharing fashion. Music that I wrote emerge from there; emotion always had precedence over style.

The music

Throughout Gloria’s composition, I kept in mind that I wanted the music to accompany the emotions of the people in a spirit of communion while respecting the historic structure of the mass. I did a research to determine the name and character of each of pieces of the traditional mass. Here is what I discovered :

  • Introït: humanity marches; meet the ‘other’; festive meeting.
  • Kyrie: a secret pain
  • Gloria: happiness in the nature, the nature of happiness; what elevates the soul; presence of the divine in the self.
  • Psalm: the “chant” of the people
  • Halleluiah: celebration; a summer’s blue sky that blows up in tenderness
  • Offertoire: from the depth of one’s self to reach it’s essence.
  • Sanctus: sunrise; exchange of peace.
  • Agnus Dei: fragility and hope; sunset.
  • Action de grâce: the lovers’ game
  • Outroït: we leave in love

In conclusion

In these times where everything goes fast, it is to take time off for ourselves. I think that Gloria’s music can help to do that. It’s a jazz suite that we have advantage to listen to attentively in order for its richness (the music’s and ours) to reveal themselves, like when we have a dialogue with a friend.

The project

This project consists in the recording of an album featuring Gloria’s ten pieces jazz mass. In order to do so, all of these activities have to be done:

  • Record Gloria in a state of the art studio in downtown Montréal (approx. 2 days)
  • Document the recording session with video shooting and photographs
  • Mix and master the recording
  • Design the CD cover and booklet
  • Hire a PR agent to promote a CD launch-concert
  • Rent a venue with staff (sound engineer, lighting, bar, tickets)
  • Offer an energizing and invigorating CD launch-concert

This self produced album will have two functions. First, with it we will be able to share this invigorating music with all. Second, it will be easier for us to book tours in America and abroad with a great CD.

Gloria - Budget crowdfunding


What we need and what you receive

By contributing to this project, you take part in a one of a kind project: the crowdfunding of an instrumental jazz mass!

All and any contributions will enable us to reach our goal. All of ’em! 


$10 – Download
$20 – Download + CD
$30 – Download + CD + Poster
$50 – Download + CD + Poster + Photos
$100 – 1hour½ lesson + CD
*$500 – Solo Concert + 5 CD’s
**$1000 – Gloria duo + 10 CD’s
***$2500 – Gloria full band + 20 CD’s

ENGbtn_donateCC_LG* Sylvain Picard will go to your place to perform Gloria on guitar for you and your guests + 5 CD + 5 downloads (Outside Montreal Island, transportation is paid by contributor)** Sylvain Picard and a bassist will go to your place to perform Gloria for you and your guests + 10 CD + 10 downloads + “Thank you” in liner notes (Outside Montreal Island, transportation is paid by contributor)

*** The quartet will go to your place to perform Gloria for a minimum of 20 guests + 20 CD + 20 downloads + “Thank you” in liner notes (Outside Montreal Island, transportation is paid by contributor)

Other ways to help

Spread our campaign link everywhere. Email it to friends, facebook it, tweet it. Become part of our Gloria story: check on our progress, and get your friends and family in on the story as well. Here is the link to spread:

Thank you very much for your generous support!

Should you have questions or suggestions, feel free to write to Sylvain @

Thank you!
Sylvain Picard

Sylvain PIcard

(Sylvain Picard photo credit © 2014 Benoit Guertin)

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